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Explore Kamchatka with Kamchatka Travel Group

Our company is very pleased to offer you any kind of tours on the Kamchatka peninsula. All of our tours are created with passion and love to the exceptional nature we have available here. We are delighted to acquaint you with the unsurpassed mountain scenery, formidable might of the imposing volcanoes, frigid waters, luxuriant vegetation, and all the other unique nature's treasures. In detail

Our tours
Postal address: off.37, 39, Abelya St., Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia, 683023
Phone/fax: +7 4152 461400 +7 41522 52727
Mobile phone: 8 909 833 7555
E-mail: ktgkate@gmail.com ,kam_tg@mail.ru

Photos by V. Gumenyuk, M. Zelensky
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