Fedor Farberov Fedor Farberov- is a professional English-speaking guide. He went through the special courses in Canada under the program "Adventure Guide Diploma" (Wilderness Travel, Rock-climbing, Alpinism, Ski-tour, Ski-alpinism, Heli-ski). Fedor has got a great experience of 22 summer and 14 winter seasons. His first volcano (Bezymyanny) was conquered by him in 1970 with his father-volcanologist. Since that time Fedor made ascents in Kamchatka, Polar Urals, Caucasus, Pamiro-Alai, Tyan-Shan, Alaska. He was on tops of such famous mountains as Ushba 4710m, Shkhelda 4295m (Caucasus); Khan-Tengri 7010m, Peak Pobedy 7439m (Tyan-Shan); Mc-Kinli 6194m (Alaska). His skiing experience spreads out in the Caucasus, Khibiny, Kamchatka and Alaska. On the peninsula Fedor took part in the first descents from the highest volcanoes: Klyuchevskoy 4750m, Kamen 4650m, Krestovsky 4108m, Ushkovsky 3943m, Ichinsky 3651m, Ostry Tolbachik 3688m, Bolshaya Udina 2920m, Bakening 2277m; as well as many other first descents from the nameless tops of Sredinny and Vostochny moutain ridges of Kamchatka. He worked in the expeditions of volcanologists, bilogists and glaciologists.