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April 30, 2007
I have enjoined my stay in Petropavlovsk- the Volcanoes, the Hot Springs, the cruise around the Avacha Bay,some of the new foods, my good guides (Olga and Zoya), my good driver (Sergei) and all the other fine Russians I have met. May me meet again.
Mary Higdon
San Francisco, CA

July 7, 2007
It was very nice to see that there are still places on earth where you can see unspoilt nature. Thank you for showing it to us, and please take good care of your beautiful environment.
Gerard van Bruggen
Himalaya Trekking

August 14, 2007
Dear Sasha, Pasha, Dasha and Lena you were very good and I loved you a lot very good food and organization. Thank you.
Rossana Podesta
Pac Group
Un bacio a tutte le ragazze russe, belle e brave.

September 4, 2007
Our trip to Kamchatka was most enjoyable- indeed, unforgettable. The scenery is spectacular and the fresh air a delight. The service provided to us by the Kamchatka Travel Group was excellent. Our interpreter Elena was professional and most able and kind. The guides were excellent! All in all, it was a great trip!
Julius Kaplan
Lucky Tour

September 5, 2007
This was an outstanding trip and the stuff of Kamchatka Travel Group was outstanding. Our guides were great and Elena did a wonderful job of managing our tour. I will tell everyone at home how good the trip was!
Jay Goldenberg
Lucky Tour

September 19, 2007
An unforgettable holiday. Volcanoes, countryside, wildlife, etc. And not forgetting the birthday celebrations at Esso for my 42nd in the Evens village. A big thank you to Anna, Sasha, Natasha for making it all happen.
Robin Sweeney
Aventure et volcans

September 20, 2007
I'm back from Kamchatka and all went well, although I nearly didn't get to see the valley of the Geysers due to bad weather most of the week.
Luckily the weather cleared the day before I left and so the helicopter trip went and it was well worth the wait!
I did all the other excursions, although some in less than ideal weather.
There's still a lot to see in the Valley of the Geysers, although the landslide came close to destroying the visitors' and park wardens' chalet.
The flights, transfers, hotels and border immigration procedures all were fine with no problems.
I'd like to make special mention of Irina, my guide in Kamchatka, who was excellent and very good and informative company as well.
Valerie Godsalve
Mir Corporation


Ils ont deja pour dir Un seul mot: formidable!
Merci beaucoup du professionalisme et de la gentillesse de toute lequipe.
Pascale. 20/09/06


Tout etait formidable malgre le petit regret davoir rate la vue sur le sommet du Tolbachik.
Pays splendide, compagnons de voyage super sympathiques, tout est reuni pour que mois faudions un merveilleux souvenir.
Royan. France. 20/09/06


Dear Victor & Nastya.
We are sitting in the bar in the hotel. We are looking back on a wonderful time in Kamchatka. We realize that we were very lucky with the weather. The sunshine give us wonderful views of Kamchatka. But also the good guiding of Victor. He was also very helpful with difficult passages of the trek. Also Im very glad that Victor smokes cigarettes, so that we had many pauses on nice trek and enjoying the views in the sunshine.
Nastya was our photo-model. She had always a smile on her face that motivates the people to enjoy the trek. She had also a good language knobble in her brains. Also her Dutch language is improving Gooverdomme.
Thanks for the good times in Kamchatka.

Himalaya Trekking group 2006 (the best group ever)


Were back in hotel Avacha after a wonderfull experience in Kamchatka. Although we had very bad weather during the trek the atmosphere and the surrounding were magnificent. Kamchatka can be a great place to visit, nice people and beautiful nature.
Thanks to the Kamchatka travel Group, Zoya, Dennis, Egor, Natasha and all 13 Estonians we traveled with, it was a beautiful trip.
Hope to come again.

Desiree & Peter Biermans,
The Netherlands.


Thanks for a wonderful experience. Kamchatka is certainly a very special place a lot of potential for future growth and many more things to do and see. Hope to return again.
Thank you,
Udi Elizur,
Tel Aviv, Israel. 10/08/06

I came from the US with some concerns about the quality and capabilities of this company. I must say that they provided a very good service and a dedicated crew. We had a great time obviously, the scenery speaks for itself.
Thank you,
Solomon Chriqui.


July 06 Globotrek Group from Switzerland (on honeymoon)

These first two weeks of our honeymoon were wonderful. A lot of nature, a very good team and a good mix of trekking, rafting, sightseeing and relaxing. We had most of the time perfect weather which makes Kamchatka to a very friendly and impressing place, so we were lucky with all parts of our trip. (Avacha, Mutnovsky, Gorely volcanoes, riverrafting Bystraya, etc.)
We can highly recommend this destination to all travelers. And who knows we might come back in wintertime and try out all winter activities - the snowfields we have already checked out for hours.

Monika & Simon,


I was very impressed by the level of service and expertise offered by your guide Alla Kuznetsova. Im also highly satisfied with the work by the members of your staff, either fulltime or freelance, including our driver Sergey, and the guides we met at the Avacha base-camp. The itinerary was well-thought and nicely arranged. We do hope to come to Kamchatka once again and use the services of your travel company.
. Lukashenko


Dear Zoya

We will not use the questionnaire. We are very much satisfied with our whole trip, with the whole group, everybody did the best.
We surely will come again to Kamchatka only question of money. We did not like Paratunka at all, neither hotel Gelios, neither surroundings, neither food in Gelios. But this was after Nalychevo. Nalychevo was extremely nice. We think next time we will use more helicopter flights, spend more money on this, go to Uzon Caldera, go to Ust Kamchatsk and maybe to Komandorsky . Eduard is an excellent ornithologist, very experienced. Vera is a very good cook. Svetlana excellent translator and guide, Sasha good driver, Ludmila good guide in Nalychevo.
So, back in Switzerland as you can imagine work, meetings and so on.
Thanks for all have a good season.
Niels and Barbara ,ornithologists from Switzerland

Dear Zoya,

We are back in Switzerland since one week safe and healthy. It was great to spend some weeks in Russia and especially in Kamchatka. Each of us has got many impressions which have to be assimilated. Still again, many thanks for your perfect put in charge of our group and all you have done for us, unforgettable. Please, give our regards to Natasha and Vladimir.
We (Freddy, Ernst, Thomas and Tony) trust you are well. Have a lot of fun during summer time.
Kindest regards,
Tony Martin, Switzerland

 Thanks for hundreds of hours of shaman dancing performed from our translator, cook and guide we had the weather we wanted to have on the Top Spots. Back in Europe we will probably all sell our cars and buy funny orange Urals, since the comfort is unbeatable! What we never could figure out is why the mosquitoes still can fly in heavy rain to solve this mystery we will probably come back to Kamchatka and spend some time trekking in the lower forests Thank you to all staff who allowed us to explore Kamchatka!
5th August 2005

 We have enjoyed the whole journey (Avacha, Bystraya floating, Gorely) and geysers.
Sasha is a very helpful guide - driver, with sense for humor. Always positive and dedicated. Zhenya is a perfect interpreter. We can recommend them to anybody visiting wonderful Kamchatka.
Martina Kanalek and Andrej Majcen, Slovenia
10 th August 2005

Unfortunately, we have to leave for Germany today. We have spent wonderful time here in such beautiful nature. Thanks to our guides - everything was perfect. Slava took care of us in every possible way - very trustworthy and nice! Thank you very much!
DAKS group (11 persons)
13th August 2005

 Dear KTG team!

Thank you so much for the wonderful time we have spent here under your "roof". Thank you for making our trip in Kamchatka an enjoyable one and also for wonderful experience and impressions we got here. We will come back again with big pleasure to experience more of the things this land can offer us. We wish you all the best and also the most wonderful days in your beautiful land.
DAKS group
4th September 2005

Breakfast at eight, leaving at nine,
Dear Igor, there just isnt enough time.
Rain in the morning, rain in the evening, rain at night
Who gives a f when there are bears in sight!
We didnt see them out of our hot tubs
But were bloody close to a mother with cubs!
Climbing volcanoes, walking terrain
Crossing Kirdik bushes causes a lot of pain
"Changing the sandals" was what we dreaded
But across the rivers was where we're headed
Fishing for salmon without any bait,
The next day the soup tasted great!
Anastasia translated all our words and signs
and even heatherman loved her funny lines.

Thanks for a beautiful time!
Dutch group of 5 people (real crazy ones)

We  have just returned from the coolest trip to "Tikhaya" bay. Wonderful sights, star fishes, halibut, caught by Yakov, sailing on a rubber boat, a bit of vodka with sea food - all was great. But the most important thing is the warmest attitude and hospitality of people we have spent our time with. Everything was cool. Thanks to everybody whom we have seen on the boat. We wish you good luck, happiness and let your dreams come true!!! Thanks a lot
Russian rock group King&Jester

June 18, 2004
Thank you very much for showing us Kamchatka in the last days, specially the helicopter trip to the Valley of the Geysers (without your praying for the nice weather we may not be able to see the volcano eruption). Again, we'd like to thank for all your effort to arrange all the interesting viewpoints, your explanation of the history, background is very educational. We will never forget for the whole life.

Fun Tour members
We are here for the first time as a group organized by Fun Tour. We heard a lot about the natural beauty of this place and we are not disappointed. The majestic volcano peaks impressed us, and instead of just one or two peaks we have seen a lot of peaks and they are very beautiful. We booked a helicopter tour and actually were lucky enough to see a puff of steam came out of the volcano. The geysers were very impressive too. More important - we had good tour guides. This place, although not quite as developed as other places it has great potential for tourism. We would like to come back again.
With love from USA .

6-14. 07.2004
I thank you in my name and the company FOUR SEASON TRAVEL for a very good organization. All our friends (55 more Austrian alpinists) are happy.
Dold Thorolf
President of F.S.T. & A.D.

31 7 2004
We just finished a trek from 18 days in the wilderness. It has been a wonderful experience and it makes you very small in nature. When you see the different landscapes and feel the climate it is becoming an experience and not just a trek you walk. It has become a country I definitely go back to. I've just seen a small part of a huge country.
Twan , Netherlands

Thanks for the wonderful experience of 16 days trekking you made a dream come true!
Alen Medendorf , Netherlands

It was a wonderful trip in such a beautiful country! I will remember it forever! Thanks for all the help and kindness.
Annemarie Brughuis

Kamchatka has a great wilderness. It was fantastic to hike in this country. The organization was great, we had a wonderful trip and would never had missed such an experience.
Nelina and David

11. 08. 2004
The trip was very impressive. I was taken care by the guide, the cook and the interpreter. I would come again next time.
Johann Hiestand, Switzerland

August 13 th 2004
We had a great trip through wonderful Kamchatka! We had a great team and even saw a bear. Well done. Kamchatka Travel Group, Igor, Nastya + Dima
Best wishes,
Antje + Manuela
Berlin, Germany

August, 2004
Travelling up from Japan to Kamchatka was quite a chance in terms of people, landscape, climate and all kinds of daily details. The trip brought a variety of the most astonishing features our earth is providing. Sulphur output at mount Mutnovsky, marvelous lakes at mount Gorely. Pretty often in the clouds, always the zero-blue-breath of the chilling mountain winds down the neck. Amazing formations of clouds, cute little flown, inside pale blue butterflies. And of course, we had very good tour guides, a very good interpreter, good drivers, providing all you need on a trekking adventure like that. Thanks a lot! Hopefully I'm back one day with improved knowledge of Russian as well as more sophisticated equipment.
Thomas from Tokyo.

Spanish Filipino Catalan - English group
August 27 th , 2004
At last, we saw a bear!
•  1400 km in a mixer truck
•  140 km walk
•  climbing (two or three) volcanoes
•  being attacked by millions of mosquitoes
•  more than 150 liters of tea
•  infinite salami and soup
•  2600 photographs taken
•  36 hours of continuous rain
•  simultaneous translation in four languages (Russian English Spanish Catalan)

It's been a wonderful experience. May the natural wonders of Kamchatka be preserved for all time, and also its native peoples: Evens and Koryaks. By the way, Russian weddings are really noisy!

September 4 th , 2004
GLOBOTREK 13/8 5/9/04
Eight days in the North around Tolbachik, and only 15 minutes of rain great! But it was not only due to the weather that we had a great trip. A huge THANK YOU to all the guides, cooks, interpreters, porters, drivers and all the people behind. Kamchatka Travel Group did a great job!
Peter Eichebacher

September 4 th , 2004
We definitely can recommend this trip to friends! It was a breathtaking, fascinating and really funny trip in terms of the scenery and our good group (the whole group including guides and porters). Fedor is a very experienced and competent guide. It was a great pleasure with him and his staff. It couldn't have been better. He made us feel safe in the mountains, he always helped us and was looking that everything was to our satisfaction. Galya did a great job cooking for so many people awesome meals. Sergei and Nastya also were great, all they need is a bit more experience. Do not change the choice of the porters they were so funny, friendly and helpful. Compliment for the drivers they did an excellent job for these special road conditions.
Angela, Renate, Nadja, Verner, Markus, Goetz, Andrea, Alfred

It was a wonderful time with the friends, the organizations and the porters. Very interesting, but sometimes also different colorful, wet, sunny, green, grey, blue, stormy, delicious, with much Wodka and beer, wonderful sunrises, snow, ice, waterfalls
Culture (St. Petersburg)
Nature (Baikalsee)
60 hours (Transsib)
Action (Kamchatka)
very strong, interesting and different.
DAKS group

A great thanks to everybody who made our trip possible. Especially to Viktor - our Guide, Dmitry - our Translator and Alexander - our Driver. We gone on 7 volcanoes (Avacha, Koryaksky, Mutnovsky, Gorely, Zimina, Bezymyanny and Tolbachik) and had a real good time.
Timo + Guido
from Switzerland

A group of tourists from Moscow
We are full of impressions about the wonderful nature of Kamchatka. We are delighted with the organization of all excursions for us and are thankful to Veronica, Natasha, Alla for the best service, tasty food, and for according a hearty welcome.
We will recommend your company to all our friends. Thank you, Travel Group

Thank you very much for the great organization it is a pleasure to work with you.
Especially thank to our Guide Sasha he is a really good Guide, to the Cook Veronica she is great and also to the porter, driver and Alla. I look forward to the 17 August when I will be back. I hope the next time we will have the same weather.
Best greetings
Schenk Romano
Globotrek, Switzerland
July 2003

Thank you for an excellent travel service and organization Sasha Bitchenko, Veronica and Alla were great!
Dr. med Werner Scherf, Germany July 2003 (Globotrek 1 group).

It was the most nice travel in to nature we ever had with a very nice and good-looking team - with nice volcano climbing (we did without any problems) and an amazing boat trip.
Kamchatka Travel Group, especially Katherina, Yulia and Zoya, Many thanks to all of you for taking so much care of us and giving us an interesting travel and nice time. You are very kind and friendly but also very professional team!
Hope to see you again.
Best regards and a lot of success
With love Rainer and your Winfried 07/07/03 (Troika Tour)

We spent a great and unforgettable time with Sasha and his team, as well with Veronica our universal and funny cook, and Alla. We leave Kamchatka with a lot of nice impressions.
A lot of sunshine during the day:. What do we want more?
Suzana Yvonne (Globotrek 1 group)

We had a very interesting adventure trip in Kamchatka. A lot of mosquitoes love German blood, but we were stronger. The volcanoes trip - by beautiful weather - was wonderful.
In result - the time here was great!
Dieter, Detlef, Jurgen, Thomas and Stefan from Germany (Troika Tour)
July 2003

Kamchatka is beautiful, untouched corner of the world. We enjoyed the trip very much. We would like to thank Viktor, Evgenia1 and Evgenia2 for taking care of us.
Helena + Aleks, David, Marinka, Janic from Slovenia
August 2003

Thanks a lot for organizing such a wonderful fishing! Lodge, personnel, weather, bears and plenty of salmon of course - everything was GREAT!
With love, pescatori Italiana.

Thank you for everything! It was a great trip with many experiences. We will remember the magnificent views, spectacular volcanoes and in particular the friendly team of Kamchatka Travel Group (Igor, Vera, Sascha and Larissa together with the rafting crew), who made this trip possible, who looked after us 24 hours a day!
They were true friends, whom we miss already.
Carina + Daniel, Switzerland (Active Tours 1 group).

Many Many thanks to you. It was a great pleasure for me to make your acquaintance (and Vera as well) and I'll I will think of you at home very often - believe me. With love
Eberhard from Germany (Active Tours 1 group).

September 6, 2003
Since August 17 we were trekking and travelling through this extraordinary landscape guided by Sascha - enjoyed the outstanding conditions: bright sunshine, heavy winds, rainshowers and snowstorm! Over bumpy roads and slippery volcanic ash we discovered the obvious and hidden beauties of Kamchatka! Thanks to the professionallity and efforts of the tour-leaders, translator and guides we were able to make unexpected experiences, we'll never forget!
No means whether we will have the opportunity to come back to Kamchatka - we will keep this trip and the people who made it possible in mind!
Many Thanks
Romano, Edy, Tery, Priska, Verena, Walter, Marisa, Hans (Globotrek 2 group)

I'm still dreaming of the wonderful sceneries we have enjoyed on our trip, which was perfectly organised by your company. Back to our small country it's hard to find back in the real life.
By the way, I'd like to thank Sascha, Kosta, Ala, Veronica and the whole crew for the surely guiding, interesting explanations, perfect translation, marvelous cooking and hard carrying of the material.
The added Links will lead you to some of my pictures that are presented in the Internet.
Sincerely yours
Hans, Berne (Switzerland)

September, 13. 2003
Wir danken diesem super Team fur diese unubertrefflich woche in the lost world. Speziellen dank an Sascha fur diese wahusiuus. Vacht wanderung, Vera fur die anberadenlich und uppige kuche.
Sergey was ein spitzen mabiger fahrer und Kostya ein guter Second guide.
Dank auch an Soja fur ihtr Dolmetscher arbeit.
Will werden Kamtschatka nicht vagessen!
We are all still alive
Thanks god and Baltika 5
Norbert, Petra, Barbara, Katty, Tanja, Christof, Gerhard, Tobias, Paula,
Stefan1 and Stefan2, Gudrun, Adrian, Rudigar (DAKS 2003)

September 26, 2003
Dear Yulia,
I would like to thank you for arranging the tour for my colleagues and partners of our company. My chief was very happy. My colleagues could open the new world for themselves thanks to you.
With best regards,
Natalya, Adisseo Eurasia

My entire experience during this trip was one of wander and excitement. I enjoyed everything - the sights; the food; the interacting of the people and above all the kindness and attention given to us by the stuff of the travel agency.
Ella Dicey USA, June 2002

It was indeed very different and full of natural wonder, sights & sounds. It was interesting to see how the people go about their daily lives. It was an experience that will stay with me and enrich my life forever. I will indeed be back to the region again.
Thanks a lot.

Mark Sommers, USA, June 2002

20 July 2002

Kamchatka is a complete surprise to me. I was prepared for the worth from a climate and food point of view and communication with the guides.
I'm very happy that it turned out to be a fantastic journey especially seen in the light of being an expert in Hong Kong (although originally Dutch).
Especially the knowledge of the country of our guide, whose father was a volcanologist, helped a lot. Without the patience of Maria and her perfect English it would be difficult to communicate and she encouraged me to climb another volcano (3 in one week). Lena with her perfect cooking reminded me of any native country
Excellent help from the office made a trip wonderful!

Robert Mantel
Hermann Althoff

HT Wandelreisen, July 2002
, , Kamchatka Travel Group,
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, , , , , , , Michel.
, !
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The time we visited Kamchatka was very nice, thanks to Victor and Lena. We ever lost track, met kind Russians, saw a lot of bears, had a bit of rain etc. etc. It's a pity to go home and I'm curious about Kamchatka in winter! Thanks again,

Heleen, July 2002

It was a very nice time we spent with you on this beautiful trip. Your kindness and your warmness will be unforgettable for us. We appreciate very much the way you worked with us and for us and we liked a lot your detailed explanations! We were also deeply impressed how you deal with nature. A big thank you to you all, we'll never forget you and take care. Go on!
Best wishes

Cristie, George, Marcel, Anna, Ingrid, Romano + rest of the group
28 July 2002 Switzerland

Hello again, Yvonne from Himalaya Trekking.
The second trip was super again - Hope to see you next year.
Maybe on a new trekking without ?!
But of course, with Victor - .
! .

I enjoyed every minute of the trek, even the hot springs. I hope to come back soon to see more of this beautiful country.

Maria, Netherlands, August 2002

Great trek with a good guide (Victor), magnificent volcanoes and friendly bears. Next time I hope to shake hands with them. I'll be back.

Piat, Netherlands, August 2002

It was a super trek with an excellent guide (Victor)
I especially liked the volcanoes and 'kidrach'. The landscape is beautiful and I hope to come back some day.

Remond, Netherlands 18/08/02

Thank you for teaching us see and feel Kamchatka! I will remember Victor going through the bushes like a bear and dancing downhill the slopes of the volcanoes of Kamchatka with a big smile on his face. Thank you.

Netherlands. 18/08/02

From 14-07 to 3-08-02 I had the chance to travel with your company through that wonderful Kamchatka. I was so fascinated by the wild nature and beautiful sites. But above all I wanted to express what pleasure it was to travel together with such experienced, competent, good-humored, kind and interesting persons like Sasha (guide), Anatoli (driver), Veronica (cook), Olga (translator), and the porters Andrei K., Maxim, Sascha, Andrei E., Denis and Sewa. They worked so well together in a very cheerful atmosphere, were always ready to help.
Special thanks to the office. I know that you made the impossible possible!!!
It was so hard to return home to Switzerland after such an intense time spent in your country. Fortunately I took many pictures which I look at every day now.
I will never forget that marvelous trip!
Thank you so very much

Annamargit Kouame
Basel, Switzerland

August 31, 2002
Kamchatka was a special trip! We enjoyed many special experiences:

1. Valley of Geysers
2. Home stay in Esso
3. Fishing on the river
4. Hot springs - everywhere!
5. Eating fish eyes

But the best of all was meeting the people and making new Friends for life!
Thank you!

Christie Parker, USA

What a wonderful experience! Kamchatka was all and more than expected. The great guiding and crew made all trip more enjoyable and we were so well looked after by the cook that any future trip will be hard to beat it. Thank you everyone for your great effort.
Just a pity we didn't see any bears. Maybe have to come back so that we can see them.
Cheers to all.

Jan Roberts
Lake King, W. A. Australia

Thank you Russia! I had the best holiday of my life. I just love the country and the people. Spasiba.

Jim Baptist, 31.08.02

Kamchatka Travel Group -
I look forward to returning with a group again next year. It's a pleasure to walk with people of such good spirit and strong resolve and also an equal passion and respect of nature. Kamchatka needs strong people to ensure it is preserved for us and allows all to enjoy far long into the future.
Cheers to you guys!

Sue Fear
World Expeditions


, , .
, , !

Volvo Truck Corporation, 04.09.2002

Thank you Kamchatka Travel Group for this very extraordinary trip to your exciting places. We would like to thank Victor and Andrei for the excellent guiding of our trek and to the office for the warm help. Charasho - njet problem!

Ursula Brupbacher
Wolfgang Schatz, Swetzerland

Looking back at the 3-weeks trip I feel completely satisfied. As I understood we did one of the hardest routes available, and with a complete group (15+1), and with success. The weather was perfect, overall we did see 18 bears, thats one of the reasons we came to Kamchatka! I am fully satisfied by your services, everything seems to be working ontime and as planned. Looking forward to be back!

04 August 2001
Paul Boslooper; HT Wanderreizen;
The Netherlands

Wow what can I say?! such an amazing adventure. Kamchatka is beautiful and serene and wild at once. I feel it was certainly a privilege to be part of such a remote and untouched corner of the world. Thank you so much a part of my life I will never forget. Love + best wishes for future trips.

28 September 2001
Katie Norton, Australia

Im Sue Fear, World Expeditions. On return from the trek + the program in Kamchatka, there are many things to talk about more than simplified, quickly or possibly emotionally on paper here. But to say there is much to do here with good people, with good spirit - the wilderness must be preserved + managed to be appreciated for the future. That depends on everybody visitors like myself with a group of people and the people of Kamchatka. We must show respect to this special place in the world. Cheers and see you next year.

28 September 2001
Sue Fear; World Expeditions

Sasha - as a guide he was strong, safe and sure, as a cook he was clean, adventurous and successful, as a person he was warm, kind and funny. The others were all a joy to be with. Good, clean air, and tons of fresh vegetables. I leave happy. Thanks a lot. (see I didnt mention the rain)

14 August 2000
Tim Billet, Hong Kong

Dear friends,
Thank you for arranging my trip to Kamchatka which was most interesting and worthile. I was very lucky with the weather, Julia was a most pleasant and helpful guide and I recommend her to you. I would like to arrange another trip perhaps in late August next year. It was very pleasant to meet you. Many thanks. Regards.

23 August 2000
David Mathew, Great Britain.

I would like to thank a lot your team and especially Helena for her professionalism and skills. I saw what I wished and the beauty of your country, the integrity and purity of its fauna and flora, the kindness of the people gave a very good feeling and image of Russia.

01 September 2000
Patrick Dupart, France

We had a very nice trip to your fantastic country. We enjoyed very much the contact with the people. I was glad to meet so wonderful persons. The country is so marvelous, one day I will come back. Lots of love to Kamchatka.

02 September 2000
Ruth; Switzerland

Dear Zoya,
Just a very quick message to say thank you very much indeed for what you organized for us two weeks ago. I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our programme thank you for a truly excellent guide he was so good at looking after us and hospitable to a fault! and a very competent and friendly driver too. I dont think we could have asked for more. Despite being such a short trip , it was an extremely memorable one. Ive used quite a few guides and companies in Russia and Central Asia over the last five years and my first impression is that you provide an excellent service and very good value for money thank you! I/m just sorry I couldnt stay longer. But Im sure there will be a next time. Best wishes,

11 September 2000
Linda MacLachlan, British Embassy, Moscow


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