Our Tours in Kamchatka

Summer Tours

Summer Tours 111 Rafting & Home volcanoes
Summer Tours 112 Nalychevo Trek
Summer Tours 113 Adventure Trek to Central Kamchatka
Summer Tours 114 Challenge to Element (Klyuchevskoy vlc)
Summer Tours 115 Adventure Trek to the South of Kamchatka
Summer Tours 116 Dip into Even people culture
Summer Tours 117 Trace the contrasts of Kamchatka’s nature
Summer Tours 118 Explore the underwater world of Kamchatka
119 The Bear Kingdom (Kurilskoye lake)
120 To the Land of bears and active volcanoes
413 Sea mammals and wild animals in Vestnik Bay
414 Bird-watching tour in Nalychevo

Winter tours

Introduction to our winter & spring tours

Winter Tours 211 One week in Kamchatka. Standard Heli-skiing Program
Winter Tours 212 Heli-Skiing/Snowboarding. Powder snow
Winter Tours 213 X-country skiing in the Valley of Nalychevo, National Park
Winter Tours 214 Ski Tour for Alpinists
Winter Tours 215 Dog-sledding in Central Kamchatka

Fishing Tours

Fishing Tours 311 Fishing & floating on the Bolshaya river
Fishing Tours 312 Fishing & floating on the Opala river
Fishing Tours 313 Fishing the Ostrovnaya River

TransSib Tour

510 Moscow-Baikal-Khabarovsk-Kamchatka-Moscow

Day Trips in Kamchatka

Day trips

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