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Day trips (cruise around Avacha Bay)

Avacha Bay

FishWe invite you to participate in the boat trip around the Avachinskaya Bay, which is considered to be one of the biggest and the most beautiful bays in the world. This tour is a unique opportunity to see the fascinating surroundings of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky from the sea, to explore the shores of the Avachinskaya bay, to watch noisy colonies of sea birds including guillemot, puffins, sea gulls, cormorant, ducks, and, if we are lucky, we will be able to watch Sea Eagles in their natural habitats. On our way you will have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful view of the volcanoes reflecting in the clear, smooth waters of the Avacha Bay. You will be enthralled by the view of the Avachinsky volcano, the latest eruption of which occurred in 1991, when Petropavlovsk Our Guestsresidents could watch red streams of lava going down the slopes and clouds of ashes shooting into the skies. You will also see "The Gate of the City" - 3 rocks, which rise upon the water and don't let the dreadful tsunami waves to come into the bay. These rocks are called "Three Brothers".
An experienced diver on request will dip to the bottom of the ocean to get some starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins, which you will be able to try. Sea products of Kamchatka are very delicious and contain a considerable quantity of vitamins and proteins. Almost everyone has tried such seafood as shrimps, mussels and crabs, but there are very few persons, who have ever tried such delicious things as sea-urchins' roe (it is tasty both cooked and raw), sea cucumber, which needs to be boiled for a very long time, but Japanese people eat it raw using some kind of sauce.
Lanch Any of the tours below will surely be an experience you will never forget! The excursions are held every weekend starting from the beginning of June till the middle of October.
Depending on your preferences, we would be pleased to offer you different excursions:

  • 3-hours boat trip around the Avacha Bay and to the "Three Brothers" rock formation (without coming ashore). Our way will go past the "Hill of Love", port road, Tikhaya Bay and the rock "Babushkin Kamen". Our guide will tell you about the history of Petropavlovsk city and the native legend, connected with the "Three Brothers" rocks.
  • 6-hours excursion with sailing to the "Three Brothers" rocks, fishing from the board of the boat and coming ashore in the picturesque Tikhaya Bay or Turpanka Bay (weather permitting). 32 species of fish are permanent residents of the Avacha Bay. Such species as flat fish, rasp, sea perch, halibut and also all kinds of Pacific salmon are among them. On the shore you will be offered a picnic with Ukha (Russian fish soup), virtuously made on fire by our cook.
    Our Guests
  • 6-hours excursion with sailing to the "Three Brothers" rocks and to the Starichkov Island (without coming ashore). In summer time the picturesque shores of the Starichkov Island attract a lot of tourists and divers. If you're lucky, besides the bird colonies, you will be able to see some sea mammals, including sea otters, seals, and even whales. In the sea, not far from the shore of the island there are Karaulny and Chasovoy kekurs (sea rocks which were formed by marine sediments). A pair of sea eagles, registered in the "Red Book of Russian Federation" (the book of rare species) lives on the Karaulny kekur. On board the boat you will be offered a lunch with Ukha.
  • Upon the individual request we would be pleased to offer you a 2-days boat trip to the Listvenichnaya Bay (the southeastern coast of Kamchatka) with an overnight in tents on the shore of the bay. On our way we will stop near the Kekurny Cape in order to watch the noisy rookery of sea lions. You will also have a chance to watch some sea mammals: dolphins, seals and even whales. There is a picturesque lake near the shore of the bay, where you will be able to relax and possibly catch some fish.

We would also be pleased to arrange for you an individual trip on the comfortable VIP boat for up to 10 persons.

Please refer to us with any questions on schedule and prices by tel. in Petropavlovsk 46-14-00, 41-68-74 or by e-mail


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