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#117 Trace the contrasts of Kamchatka’s nature
(Zhirovaya Bay, Vilyuchinskiye hot springs, Mutnovsky & Gorely volcanoes)

Opasny_CanyonDuring 10 days of this fascinating trip you will enjoy the endless waters of the Pacific ocean , giant grasses, berries and mushrooms, rapid rivers and also majestic power of active volcanoes. High-speed launch will bring us to the picturesque Zhirovaya bay, the starting point of our 3 days trekking to the Vilyuchinskiye hot springs area. After trekking part we will make ascents of the Gorely and Mutnovsky active volcanoes and visit Dachniye natural springs that often are called “mini Valley of Geysers ”.

Please note that itinerary can be changed in accordance with weather conditions and group fitness.

The best time for this trip is August - September.

Departures: July 25, August 15, September 05 

Day 1. Arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Accommodation in the hotel. Rest and unwind from travel. Short sightseeing to the center of Petropavlovsk by bus.

Landing_ashoreDay 2. Transfer to the boat terminal and sailing for Zhirovaya bay. Our launch will bring us through the smooth waters of the Avacha bay further to the Pacific Ocean along the eastern coast of the Kamchatka peninsular. During 3.5 hours of sailing we will be able to observe bright rocky coasts, kekurs (lonely cliffs sticking out of the water that were formed in the result of weathering), guards of city of Petropavlovsk – Three Brothers rocks, monument of nature – Starichkov Island. You will also have a chance to watch noisy colonies of birds and possibly killer whales, dolphins and seals.

By motor boat we are landed on the coast of picturesque Zhirovaya bay and set up a tented camp. After lunch we will walk to the waterfall (5 km, approximately 2 hours both ways).

Day 3. Today we start our 3-days trekking to Viluchinskiye hot springs and pass 12 km. Our way goes along the deserted muddy road among the giant grasses (up to 2-3 meters) and alder bushes in some parts. We will also have to cross the Zhirovaya river today. Set up a tented camp near a small fish breeding plant not far from the Zhirovyskiye hot springs (to reach the springs we should walk 5-10 min through the bushes and cross a narrow but a bit deep river). Rest and bathe in the hot springs .

Day 4. This day we have to get over the pass that is a bit more than 700 m high. The ascent is pretty steep and the path goes up along the creek formed by the melting snowfields. The way to the top usually takes 4-5 hours depending on your fit. If the weather permits you will enjoy the magnificent panorama of Zhirovaya bay and endless waters of the Pacific Ocean as well as Zhirovaya river valley and hot springs area, slopes of Mutnovsky and Viluchinsky volcanoes. The descent usually takes less time and the rocky path goes steep down through the thick alder bushes. After descending the pass we take another forest path and continue our trekking along the creek that we cross several times until rich our campsite in the picturesque place on the shore of the creek surrounded by alder. The imposing view of the Viluchinsky volcano will amaze you for sure.

Mutnovsky_vlc_areaDay 5. Continue our trek to the Viluchinskiye hot springs along the forest path among giant grasses and birch forest. Today we also have to cross some small creeks and Vilucha river. In 4 hours approximately we rich the springs area and set up our camp near the territory of sport club base. After lunch you have free time for taking baths in the springs and relaxing your muscles after trekking.

Please note that trekking part of our route stops here and during next few days we will drive by all terrain truck and have some radial walking excursions from the base camp.

Day 6. AM – rest on the hot springs , short excursion to the desolate gold mine. We set our camp off and take 3 hours drive to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano. Along the way we make a stop for taking pictures of a waterfall on the Spokoiny (Calm) creek. While driving we can notice how rich vegetation is changing to volcanic fields with scoria, giant boulders and solidified lava. We pass enormous caldera of the Gorely volcano that, as well as its numerous craters on the summit and fresh lava streams up to 15 km long, narrate about complicated and wild history of Gorely.

We set up our camp near a small hut of volcanologists and have a walking excursion to the Opasny Canyon – a huge ravine with 42 m waterfall inside (totally 2-3 hours).

Mutnovsky_volcano_craterDay 7. Walking excursion to the crater of active Mutnovsky volcano (2323m). The truck brings us as close as possible to the slopes of the volcano and we start walking up inside the crater. The volcano is famous for its colossal crater in the form of an ellipse that permits us to go inside easily without ascending to the top of Mutnovsky. It shows a strong fumarole activity inside. Even in the calm period the volcano excretes large amount of energy in the form of gases, sulfur outcrops and numerous powerful thermal springs, boiling water and mud pots. On the northwestern slopes of the volcano geothermal electric station of 150 MW is under construction at present. In the crater we observe fumarole fields, acid lake and active funnel.

Overnight in tents in the base camp.

Day 8. From the base camp we drive to the foot of Gorely volcano (1829 m) and start an ascending of one of the active craters with bright acid lake inside it. At present the volcano has 4 main active craters and many secondary ones. If the weather permits we will walk around some craters. From the summit we may have good chances to observe fantastic panorama of Mutnovsky, Viluchinsky, Opala, Asacha and Khodutka volcanoes. The truck brings us back to the base camp (1.5 hours driving), overnight in tents.

Dachniye_hot_springsDay 9. We set the camp off and drive towards Petropavlovsk (4 hours by truck). If you have a wish and strength there is an option on our way to visit Dachniye hot springs that are often called “mini Valley of Geysers ”. The springs are located near Mutnovskaya geothermal electric station, they have a form of geysers, color boiling mud pots and small water reservoirs. To reach Dachniye springs we have to get over the pass and descent to the valley with springs (about 2.5 hours). The truck will make a circle and pick us up in 30 min walking from the Dachniye springs to continue driving towards PKC.

Accommodation in the hotel. In the evening you are welcomed for farewell dinner in the restaurant.

Day 10. Visit fish market in the morning, transfer to the airport and departure.

Group size max is 16 pax

Tour cost is 867 euro per person

Included: double accommodation, visa invitation and registration, in the price are accommodation, transfers, boat, full board, guide, cook, porters during trekking for meals and camp equipment, permits and visa support.

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