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#120 To the Land of bears and active volcanoes

Bear by GumenyukWe are delighted to offer you an exotic route to the inimitable, undisturbed and primordial Southern Kamchatka. You will be impressed by the treasures Kurilskoye Lake, abundance of wild life and rich flora and fauna of the area. We take a helicopter flight to ancient caldera of Ksudach volcano, have an excursion around the crater lakes Kluchevoye and Shtubelya, then a short flight to the Kurilskoe where you will be accommodated in wooden lodge and spend some days exploring the area. It is a nice chance to observe brown bears, sea eagles and other animals in a wild. Be on the look-out! Bears may be met close and personal! In the second part of the trip you will drive to the Mutnovsky vlc area for ascending active Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes for stunning views and also relax in nutural hot springs. The dates preferable for the kind of the route are in mid July to mid September.

Departure: : July 21, August 06, September 11

Day 1. Arrive in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Rest and unwind from travel. Accommodation in a hotel.

Mutnovsky by ZelenskyDay 2. Transfer to the airport. Fly via helicopter from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy to Kurilskoe lake and land at the doorstep of a remote wilderness lodge in prime Kamchatka bear viewing country. The flight offers spectacular scenic views of the Kcudach volcano. Make an excursion to the Schtubelya and Klyuchevoe crater lakes (located in a crater of Ksudach Volcano) and visit hot springs on the lake's shore. Short flight to Kurilskoye Lake. Accommodation in a small wooden lodge which are belongs to Kronitskiy state preserve.

Golygino baseDay 3. From the lodge, an experienced guide will take you to view bears in their natural habitat. Here you'll have a good chance of taking great, close-up shots of bears fishing for migrating salmon. At Kurilskoe sockeye salmon spawn from spring until early winter and huge Kamchatka brown bears patrol the shoreline. The daily itinerary is flexible but will certainly include a maximum amount of time outdoors viewing bears.

Day 4. We will take hikes along the lakeshore, to the tundra, to a bear-viewing platform overlooking a salmon-filled river. You'll see bears fishing just a few step away from you. Helicopter MI-8 flight to PKC. Stop for a bathe in the thermal hot water of the Khodutka River. Accommodation in a hotel.

Day 5. You will be invited to the voyage around Avacha Bay (6 hours) to picnic with tasting a traditional Russian ukha (fish-soup). You will see Petropavlovsk and its surroundings, sea birds and their colonies, you will land on the beach for a hike. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 6. Drive to the plateau of Mutnovsky volcano.Bathe in the Verhne-Paratunsky thermal springs.This is an unique place where the thermal water river falls down the hill Goryachaya.Drive to the Viluchinsky volcano and visit a place of salmon spawning in the Paratunka river. Relax and lunch. Taste ukha (fish soup) at the Viluchinsky waterfall. Further way to the Mutnovsky volcano.This is an unique place of nature. Overnight in tents.

Day 7. Hike to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano. Crater of Mutnovsky volcano is known as one of widest and biggest Mutnovsky is an active volcano. Mutnovsky Volcano's crater is noticeable for the most powerful in Kamchatka fumarole fields with large sulphur deposits, mud pots and pulsating springs. In the spring of 2000 occurred the last eruption with a formation of an acid lake in the volcano's crater. Here a halt and light snacks be offered. Then a further hike along the narrow canyon to the crater. Steep slopes form a wide and deep volcano cavity which is filled with sparkling glaciers, cracks and fumaroles. Excursion to the fumaroles fields (800 m > 1560 m) and a stream Opasny. Return to the hostel.

Day 8. Transfer to the foot of another active volcano - Gorely. Ascend of Gorely. Halt and lunch.Drive to the hotel with a pool with thermal water. Overnight in the hotel/cottage.

Day 9. This is a day of rest and leisure to be spent anyway you might, except that this day may be used to re-schedule previously described events and excursion due to weather cancellations.Instead of this you can take a tour to the Valley of the Geysers.

Day 10. Transfer to the airport and departure.

Group size is 10–16.

Tour cost is 2522 euro per person

Included are accommodation, full board en route & bed/breakfast in the city, helicopter, all transfers and local transportation, guide, interpreter and cook services, visa invitation and visa registration, permits.


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