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#414 Bird-watching tour in Nalychevo

EagleWe invite you to join us for a bird-watching tour in the unique Nalychevo State Natural Reserve and some other specific areas in Kamchatka.  Located in the valley of Nalycheva river, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, Nalychevo Reserve with its rich vegetation and favorable microclimate attracts numerous species of birds. The number of birds is estimated at more than 120 species. This is not ultimate and quite many unexplored species are still waiting to be discovered. During our trip you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature of central park area and fascinating scenery of the Pacific coast. The cheerful singing and gullible behavior of the birds will indeed please you. There are 10 volcanoes concentrated in the area of the Nalychevsky park, 4 of which are active (Koryaksky 3456 m, Avachinsky 2750 m, Dzendzur 2285 m, Zhupanovsky 2598 m). The diversity of thermal and mineral springs is also an attractive advantage of the park. Only a few springs with the same chemical content exist in the world. In central park area you will be accommodated in a wood-heated hut.

May to July is the best time for the trip below.

Departure: May 31st – June 11th

Day 1. Arrive in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to Avacha hotel. Rest and unwind from travel.  PM – free time. 

Wood_SandpiperDay 2. This day helicopter MI-8 brings us to Nalychevo State Natural Reserve. Here you will have a chance to enjoy marvelous flower aroma, charming sounds of pure river with light blue smoke on the water, the puffs of steam rising above the hot springs. Central part of Nalychevo State Natural Reserve is situated in the river valley, with the mountains around. The bottom of the Valley is covered with tundra, surrounded by birch wood. In the end of May – beginning of June all the passes are still covered with snow. 31 of May and 10 of June is the beginning of birch-tree blossoming period. The woods are of chlorine color, tundra is radish black.
We will make a walk to the Informational center, thermal ground and thermal water outlets (2,5 hour walk for a round trip) to see White Wagtail, Indian Tree Pipit, Tufted Lark. For the following days you will be accommodated in a wooden lodge (days 2-7).

Day 3. A walking excursion to the central park area (1,5 km from the lodge) to watch Capercaillie. You will be able to observe Capercaillie’s breeding behavior, possibly - private-boarder conflicts and coupling.

Day 4. Walking along the banks of Goryachaya and Zheltaya rivers through Zheltorechenskiye hot springs (4 km trail). Our way goes along the tundra and birch forest with rich vegetation. Watch Wood Sandpiper, Greenshank, Snipe, Common Tern; possibly – Alpine Double Snipe. Nestling behavior of Middendorf’s Grasshopper Warbler, Scarlet Rosefinch, Rustic Bunting, Grey Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail.

Day 5. This day you will be able to observe the nest of Rough-legged Buzzard (800 m from the lodge).

OvsyankaDay 6. Climb the Kaban mountain (525 m above the sea level, 4 km on trail, 4 km without trail). Watch nestling of Siberian Bluechat, nestling and coupling of Willow Tit, Yellow-breast Bunting, possibly Nutcracker and Golden Eagle from a faraway distance.

Day 7. Walk along the mountain trail to the traditional place of nestling of Golden Eagle (12 km). Please, note that it is dependable on snow condition.

Day 8. Flight back to PKC. Transfer to Paratunka recreational area. Rest and unwind in the thermal pool. Accommodation in a tourist class hotel.

Day 9. Take a boat for sailing to Starichkov Island which has got a status of Monument of Nature. Sea-bird-watching on the Island: Tufted Puffin, Murrelet, guillemot, cormorants, Black-legged Kittiwake, Slaty-backed Gulls. We sail to the "Three Brothers" rocks and to the Starichkov Island (if the weather conditions are good & landing is possible we do it, if not we sail around or stop at certain point). If you're lucky, besides the bird colonies, you will be able to see some sea mammals, including sea otters, seals, and even whales. In the sea, not far from the shore of the island there are Karaulny and Chasovoy kekurs (sea rocks which were formed by marine sediments). A pair of sea eagles registered in the "Red Book of Russian Federation" (the book of rare species) lives on the Karaulny kekur. 6 to 7 hrs in total. Return to Paratunka resort.

Day 10. A day trip to "Khlamovitsky" refuge. Bird watching (including a large nesting area of black-headed gulls, curlew, wood-cock, sparrows, ducks, etc). Picnic lunch. Continue bird-watching.  Return to Paratunka.

Day 11. Drive to PK. Free day in case of bad weather. Optional excursion to the Valley of Geysers & Uzon Valley (depends on weather and group completion). Accommodation at Avacha hotel.

Day 12. Drive to the airport for your departure home.

Included: double accommodation, visa invitation and registration, transfers (by bus in the city, by helicopter to Nalychevo), Nalychevo park taxes, double accommodation in a city hotel and in Paratunka, lodge in Nalychevo park, full board en route, bed & breakfast in the city, interpreter, cook services, a bird-watching guide, visa invitation and registration, permissions.

Excluded: alcohol, insurance, airplane tickets, sleeping bags, join-in helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers.


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