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#115 Adventure Trek to the South of Kamchatka
(alternative program)  

Priyemysh mountainDay 1. Arrive in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Rest and unwind from travel. Accommodation in a hotel.

Day 2. Drive to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano (8 km by truck), ascent of Mutnovsky (2323 m).

Day 3. Ascent of Gorely volcano (1829 m).

Day 4. If the weather conditions are good flight to Ksudach volcano (1hr 20min one way). Along the way we land twice for drops off food, water and petrol: on Verhne-Opalinskiye springs at hydro-geologists’ & on Sopka Ostraya (809 m).
An excursion around the big crater lakes - Shtyubelya & Klyuchevoye (1000 m). Klyuchevoye lake has a thermal edge with quite hot water and a warm beach, here you can taste your first hot spring bath. Lunch. Flight to the Hot Khodutka river. Bath and relax the rest of the day. Overnight in tents.
Note: since this day sleep in tents setting up the new camp each day. We have about 6 to 8 hours trekking a day, and sometimes it is very strenuous as the terrain is undisturbed and can be pretty tough sometimes.
If the weather is bad, this day will be used as a reserve day and we will try to fly the next day.

Day 6. Ascent of Khodutka volcano (2089 m) for panoramic views (8 hrs both ways). Depending on the group fit and wish there is an option to climb Priyemysh mountain (1200 m, 6 hrs), where no less picturesque view opens to you.

Day 7. Trek from Khodutka volcano to Perevalny creek (12-14 km). Here we have a lot of passing through swamps, several small creeks, and through birch forest.

Day 8. Trek from Perevalny creek to a cold spring through the cedar bushes (12 km).

Day 9. Reserve day in case of bad weather.

Day 10. Trek to the upper stream of Mezhkholmovy creek (12-14 km).

Day 11. Trek over Zverinny pass (475 m) to the outflow of Podlesny creek (12-14 km). This pass is known like a ‘bear path’ among the tourists, so make sure to keep your eye open to see the bears, that are abundant here.

Day 12. Trek to Verhne-Opalinskiye hot springs (14 km, 2nd food depot). The hot springs are located in the birch forest on the flat, slightly inclined surface and comprise several griphons with hot water. Gas throughouts can be observed here.

Day 13. Rest and unwind on hot springs or reserve day in case of bad weather.

Day 14. Trek to Vysokaya mt. (20 km) on tundra or forest road. 

Day 15. Trek to the area of Mutnovsky volcano (14 km). Here the truck will pick us up and take to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Day 16. Drive to the airport for your departure home.


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