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#214 Ski Tour

We are pleased to offer you one of the sportive routes for well-prepared alpinists or for those who is fond of challenges in their lives. A few people were bold to try this themselves. Every day you make a challenge to the grandeur and majesty volcanoes both active and extinct, ascending them, making every single step to the top with efforts, and then enjoying breath-taking downhill skiing along the snowy steep slopes. The best time to do it is March to May.

Departures: March 08th - March 16th
April 12th - April 20th  

Ski tourDay 1. Arrive in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Rest and unwind from travel. Accommodation in a hotel. Optional city tour (if time available). Get acquainted with guides. Checking equipment.

Day 2. Drive towards the Kozelsky volcano by a truck vehicle (35 km). 15 km skiing route along the Kozelsky creek to the hut. The path lies on a forest terrain. Overnight in a hut.

Day 3. Ascent the Kozelsky volcano (2168 m) - a day trip from the hut (6-7 hrs). An average steepness of the slope is 25-30°. Descent and return to the hut (14 km in total). Overnight in the hut.

Day 4. Cross the Uglovaya Pass (2100 m). You ski along the Kozelsky glacier to the Uglovaya Pass between the Avacha and Kozelsky volcano to cross it (7 km) which takes about 6 hours. Descent up to the cone of Avacha volcano. Then further traverse descent to the Priyut Camp, which is atourist camp between the Avacha and Koryaksky volcanoes (13 km, 3 hours). Overnight in a hut of Priyut camp.

Day 5. Reserve day in case of bad weather. skiing down the slopes of Avacha volcano or Verblud (translated as 'Camel') Mt. Overnight in Priyut camp.

Day 6. Ascent the active Avacha volcano (2751m). We ascent south-western slope of somma up to the cone and then to the top along the western slope. It is about 16 km in total and takes up to 7 hours. Then we ski down the northern slope of cone up to somma, and further down to the pass between Avacha and Koryaksky volcanoes (western direction) until we approach Priyut camp. The cone is 25-30° steep, the descent up to the pass is 30-35° (500 m), then 15-20° steep to the end of this route. Relax in camp where your hot dinner is waiting for you. Overnight in Priut camp.

Day 7. Skiing down the Sukhaya river (translated as 'dry' river) towards the main road - 20 km, about 4 hours skiing. Return to the city by a truck vehicle (30 km). Accommodation in a city hotel.

Avachinsky pass (ski-tour)Day 8. Two options may be advised on this day.
1.) After an early breakfast we drive towards Vilyuchensky waterfall by a truck vehicle (75 km, 2.5 hours). Ascent the Vilyuchensky volcano (2173 m) that is on the south of Petropavlovsk city and on the opposite side of Avacha Bay. We approach to the foot of volcano in 3 km and ascend it within 6 hours along the south-western slope. (Note: for advanced skiers an ascent up the southern slope can be offered). Descent to the road (3 hours more). The steepness of the south-western slope varies from 30-35° (500-600 m) to 40-45° (200-250 m), and 15-25° (1000-1500 m) in the lower parts. Return to the city by a truck vehicle. Accommodation in a city hotel.

2.) After an early breakfast we drive to the region of the Vachkazhets volcano (1547 m). It is 82 km from the city (about 2 hours drive). We ski up to the Tachtoloch lake about 9 km on the forest terrain and then 5 km up on the top of Vachkazhets volcano (3 hours). Descent to the vehicle (9 km). Return to the city. Accommodation in a city hotel.

Day 9. Drive to the airport for your departure home.

Group size is 6-8.

Included: double accommodation, visa invitation and registration, bеd & breakfast in the city, full board en route, all transfers and local transportation, guide, interpreter and cook services, snowmobile support for advanced drop-off food, visa invitation and visa registration, permits. We provide all camping gear except sleeping bag and mat.

It is of importance reminding you to bring sunblock and quality sunglasses. Of course you will need to bring your own ski equipment. Crampons and ice-axes sometimes will be of use.

Note: the duration of program may vary at the group's request by adding some new destinations to climb or skipping any of the volcanoes.


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