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Kamchatka offers a variety of skiing terrain and runs different in length from 3000 to 10000 vertical feet, and in the most beautiful mountain country imaginable. As the snow covers our peninsula almost 6 to 7 months a year you will be able to choose a trip that suits your holiday from December to June. If you are a strong intermediate skier, able to ski in control on various types of terrain and snow conditions, then you are ready for heli-skiing experience in Kamchatka. Our tours are primarily designed for advanced skiers or snowboarders, as well as for those who is fond in cross-country skiing and alpinist ski-tours. Our guides are well qualified to lead groups of skiers. They are active mountaineers who approach their work with the highest degree of professionalism and dedication.

If you enjoy skiing, the beauty of wild, uninhabited volcanoes, have a sense of adventure, then we invite you to come and share the greatest skiing experience with like-minded companions. You will spend a lifetime having chosen one of the below programs and will surely keep an unforgettable memory about this snow paradise forever.


Please take a look at the details on some of our popular for skiing volcanoes:

NameFlight time from Petropavlovsk (minutes) Altitude (meters) Steepness of slopes Vertical gain of the route Length of slopes for skiing (km)
Avachinsky20 2750 15-35 1700 5-7
Koryaksky*20 3456 20-40 2400 3-4
Zhupanovsky40 2958 20-30 1900 5-8
Mutnovsky30 2323 15-25 1500 3-5
Gorely30 1829 15-20 900 2-3
Vilyuchinsky25 2175 20-35 1600 3-5
Khodutka45 2089 20-35 1000 3-4
Opala40 2460 20-35 1400 3-4
Bakening35 2277 25-30 1200 3-4
Tolbachik*+ 3688 25-35 2100 3-4
Zimina*+ 3000 25-40 1700 3-4
Udina*+ 2800 25-40 1600 3-4

WinterNote: volcanoes marked by * are for experienced skiers only; volcanoes marked by + can be accessed both from Petropavlovsk city and from Esso village (2nd is preferrable).

Winter Tours 211 One week in Kamchatka. Standard Heli-skiing Program
Winter Tours 212 Heli-Skiing/Snowboarding. Powder snow
Winter Tours 213 X-country skiing in the Valley of Nalychevo, National Park
Winter Tours 214 Ski Tour for Alpinists
Winter Tours 215 Dog-sledding in Central Kamchatka


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