About Us


Our company is very pleased to offer you any kind of tours on the Kamchatka peninsula. All of our tours are created with passion and love to the exceptional nature we have available here. We are delighted to acquaint you with the unsurpassed mountain scenery, formidable might of the imposing volcanoes, frigid waters, luxuriant vegetation, and all the other unique nature’s treasures.

The company is owned by

Ekaterina Plotnikova – Director General; 16 years working experience on the field. She has started her career in tourism being an interpreter and a manager in a fishing company owned by Americans, then changed the specific for a tourist company dealing with trekking, adventure, wildlife, ethnography & culture, etc, where she first had a position of Administrator, then an Executive Director until she decided to establish her own business. As Ekaterina was born in Kamchatka and her father was a professional photographer she knows the area very well not only at slides and photos, but of course having a wealth of travel experience as well. Such places as Esso, Sopochnaya river, Kedrovaya river, Khodutka etc. are numerous in her travel biography. She also traveled in Caucasus (Russia), Hungary and got on-the-job training in America.

The tour operator “Kamchatka Travel Group” Ltd. in the sphere of international and incoming tourism on behalf of general director Ekaterina Plotnikova is pleased to inform you that in accordance with the Chapter VII.1 “Financial guarantee” of the Federal Law “Regarding fundamentals of tourist activity in Russian Federation” # 132-FS from 24.11.1996 (edition # 12-FS of 05.02.07) the agreement # 07310V6000183 of the civil responsibility insurance for non-execution or inappropriate fulfillment of liability was concluded in accordance with the agreement of the realization of the tourist product  from 11.05.07 between the Tour operator and Insurance company.

Insurance company: “Spasskiye vorota”.

Period of validity of the agreement: from 01.06.09 to 31.05.2011

Financial guarantee: 10 000 000 (ten million) rubles.

Number in the Federal Register of tour operators: from 01.06.09 to 31.05.2011

We can arrange for you

  • any kind of adventure tours, including trekking, mountaineering, floating and rafting, fishing, wildlife tours, ethno-cultural tours;
  • bird-watching and flower-watching tours;
  • any kinds of springs tours, including heli-skiing/heli-snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski-tours, dog-sledding;
  • business and VIP tours;
  • air tickets, land transportation;
  • tourist and business visa arrangements.

Gaining more and more experience in the tourist field and being a member of The International Ecotourism Society step by step we are getting involved in eco-tourism. Our main principles are :

  • Minimize consumption, waste and pollution – leave only footprints
  • Support the preservation of wilderness and biodiversity
  • Respect local cultures
  • Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • Make every trip an opportunity to learn about the destination and its people

Our people (the key to our success) compose a very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic team.

You will have a lifetime to spend with our qualified mountain-guides, interpreters, drivers and cooks.

Our Guides

Keys to the successful trip with our guides:

  • high professionalism
  • safety
  • responsibility and care for your needs
  • experience of climbing, trekking and hiking on any terrain, instructor’s skills, experience in estimation of the terrain
  • passion for alpinism and desire to share their love for the exceptional Kamchatka’s nature with you
  • deep knowledge of nature and history of Kamchatka

Our cooks

Our cooks are known for:

  • high professional qualification and cooking experience while trekking and in stationary camps
  • passion for Kamchatka’s nature and friendliness towards its visitors
  • creativity in cooking varied and delicious meals
  • tidiness

Our Interpreters

  • have practical experience of accompanying tourist groups and individual tourists
  • passion for Kamchatka’s nature and deep knowledge of its geography, history, culture and inhabitants
  • always friendly and helpful

Our Drivers

  • real professionals in driving in off-road conditions
  • keep their vehicles clean
  • easy to get along with
  • knowledgeable about road conditions
  • always safe