Helicopter excursion – Khangar Volcano – Timonovskiye hot springs

from July till October

1 day(s)

from 595 USD per person

Flights from July till October

Khangar is an active volcano with the elevation of 2000 m. The last eruption took place about 500 years ago. Volcano’s large crater, several kilometers in diameter, is filled with water and forms a picturesque lake with two small islands in the middle. Khangar volcano is a landscape natural monument. The picturesque caldera of Khangar volcano covered with forests contains Lake Khangar, one of the most beautiful lakes in Kamchatka. The lake is 150 meters deep and is second in depth on the peninsula after Kuril lake. On the scrubby slopes of the caldera there are outputs of beautiful red obsidian (volcanic glass) with unique patterns.

Timonovskiye thermal springs are famous for its medicinal qualities. The waters of the springs contain a great number of wholesome minerals. There are about 15 different springs with temperatures ranging from 16 to 46 °С.  Springs are located on the both sides of a picturesque valley at 700 meters above sea-level.

Tour program

Departure from heliport to Khangar volcano AM 10:00
Arrival to the Caldera of Khangar Volcano. Trekking excursion. Duration of the excursion is 40-60 minutes. AM 11:10 – 12:10
Flight to the Timonovskiye thermal springs PM 12:10 -13:00
Bathing in thermal springs. Lunch. PM 13:00 – 14:30
Flight back to the heliport PM 14:30 – 15:00