Helicopter excursion – Kuril lake – Ksudach volcano – Khodutka thermal springs

from July till October

1 day(s)

from 840 USD per person

Flights from July till October

Kuril lake –  is a heart of the South Kamchatka sanctuary and the biggest spawning area in all of Eurasia. Brown bears are the main fishermen here. Every year a lot of tourists come here to enjoy a spectacular sight of bear fishing, chasing salmon and playing with each other.

Ksudach volcano is declared a natural monument of landscapes and geological nature. In 1907 a catastrophic eruption happened here and literally shook half of the world! There are two beautiful crater lakes surrounded by 500 m high walls.

Khodutka thermal springs are located at the foot of Khodutka volcano. The temperature of mud springs reaches 70oC. Springs have medicinal properties because of a large amount of silicic acid.

Tour program

Departure from heliport to Kuril lake. AM 10:00
Arrival to Ozyorny Ranger Station. Bears and salmon spawning viewing. Trek to fish-counting weir. AM 11:00 – 12:30
Flight to the Ksudach volcano PM 12:30 -12:50
Trekking excursion along Klyuchevoye lake. Hot Beach viewing.  PM 12:50 – 01:10
Flight to Khodutka thermal springs PM 01:10 – 01:30
Bathing in thermal springs. Lunch. PM 01:30 – 02:30
Flight back to the heliport PM 02:30 – 03:10